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MASC members host the annual International Conference on Arabidopsis Research. The ICAR is the largest Arabidopsis conference worldwide and its venues rotate within the Americas, Europe and Australasia in order to maximize access of participants from all over the globe.

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Figure. N° of ICAR attendees (blue) and posters presented (red) since 2007.

MASC Code of Conduct for ICAR meetings

The MASC directors in collaboration with Joanna Friesner (Executive Director: North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) have developed a code of conduct for future ICAR events. This code includes advice about appropriately dealing with harassment and reporting of conference materials.
ICAR conferences will provide a safe and productive environment that promotes equal opportunity and treatment for all participants that is free of harassment and discrimination and allows the sharing of unpublished scientific findings. The code of conduct applies to all registered attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, contractors, volunteers, and guests; and it applies both within the ICAR conference venues and in associated events and locations where ICAR conference delegates are present.

Save dates for the upcoming ICAR Meetings!

ICAR2024: July 15th-19th 2024, San Diego, USA. Meeting Website.

ICAR2025: June 16th-20th 2025, Ghent, Belgium. Meeting Website.

Details from previous ICAR Meetings!

33rd ICAR2023 Hybrid: June 2nd-7th 2023


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32nd ICAR2022 Hybrid: June 20-24 2022

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31st ICAR 2021 Virtual:  June 21-25, 2021

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Download: ICAR 2021 Program

30th ICAR 2019: June 16-21st, Wuhan China

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The 29th ICAR in 2018 meeting took place in Turku, Finland.

Finland ICAR2018

Download ICAR2018 Abstract Book

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The ICAR2017 meeting took place in St Louis, USA

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The ICAR2016 meeting took place in Gyeongju, South Korea

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The ICAR2015 meeting took place in Paris, France

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The 25th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR) was held in Vancouver, Canada from July 28th- August 1st 2014 and was organized by the North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC). The meeting was very successful and there was a great atmosphere celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ICAR. 625 people attended the 25th ICAR in Vancouver and almost 70% of the attendees (434) submitted a poster abstract (Figure).

Many MASC members were involved in the program of the 25th ICAR e.g.:

    • ABRC and NASC booth, BAR booth, TAIR booth;
    • 6 community workshops: “IAIC-International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium”, “Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP) Developer and User Workshop”, “EPIC - Epigenomics of Plants International Consortium”, “TAIR: A Sustainable Community Database for International Arabidopsis Research”, “Abiotic stress: MASC workshop”, “Phenomics in Arabidopsis: from phenes to genes”;
    • and many sessions related to road map goals, e.g. “Translational Biology”, “Novel Tools and Techniques”, “Biotechnology, Food Security, Bioenergy”, “Synthetic Biology”, “Under-Represented Minority and Early Career Workshops”, just to name a few.

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Visit web site: http://www.sallyjayconferences.com.au/icar2013